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Versa Creative Group is a Houston-based, full-service advertising, marketing and design firm that delivers innovative and customized strategies and solutions to all of our clients. Our focus is on you—your strengths, your customers and your services. We analyze your specific market needs to build a brand-driven campaign that encourages development, increases revenue and enhances overall success.


Selected Portfolio


  • 06/2015

    Versa Summer Olympics: Dream Team

    Welcome to the first ever Versa Summer Olympics! After a long torch-carrying journey from the office kitchen to the conference room, the games have officially begun. The first event was Dream Team, where teams were tasked to create a team name, uniform, and logo. Each team is made up of a mix of graphic designers, copywriters, account manages, and web developers. Our six teams met, brainstormed, and used their collective talents to deliver some awesome concepts.
  • 05/2015

    Will You Survive Google’s Mobilegeddon?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge contributor to the success of companies. With good SEO practices, your website will rank higher in search engine results. Google has recently made its biggest change in years to its search algorithm, and it impacts everyone. Google’s search algorithm now favors mobile-friendly websites, which means that mobile-friendly sites will have better search rankings and those that are not will have lower rankings.
  • 03/2015

    Versa is an Official Google Certified Partner

    Versa Creative Group is proud to announce that we are an official Google Certified Partner. Our staff went through hours of training, including passing multiple, rigorous tests and demonstrating that we can meet budget requirements of our clients and PPC accounts.
  • 01/2015

    New Graphic Design Trend: The Coffee Shop Look

    Tucked away in a street corner is a small coffee shop with mismatched furniture, funky decor, and the fragrant scent of roasted coffee beans. Up on the blackboard is their menu of espresso concoctions and delicate pastries written in an array of contrasting fonts, detailed with swirls and banners. This typography is meant to bring out the feel of the coffee shop, and all kinds of brands have started to use this chalkboard hand-lettering. Brands such as Minute Maid, TGI Friday’s, and even McDonald’s have incorporated it into their advertisements.
  • 01/2015

    The Success of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

    During Superbowl XLVII in 2013, a massive power outage occurred in the stadium after Beyonce’s epic halftime show. This unforgettable moment led to an unforgettable tweet from Oreo.Jumping at the chance to get their brand into the trending conversation, Oreo made a lasting impact on Twitter users and started a revolution of real-time marketing. This tweet was retweeted over 15,000 times, and when Oreo posted it on Facebook, it got over 20,000 likes. Out of all the ads shown on the biggest day of the year for ads, this simple tweet arguably had the biggest impact.


At Versa Creative Group, we believe in honest and open collaboration. We work together to refine and implement each project to perfection. Picture this: The Versa team, fully-caffeinated, fully-creative, and fully-prepared to jumpstart each day with new concepts, designs and code. We get inspiration from all sorts of things, and we each have our favorites, right here in our office—pens or pixels, headbands or headphones, coffee or…coffee!

Sweet ideas turn into serious campaigns when we put our cups together and get clinking! We love to research, analyze, create and imagine. We even know Latin—like one of our favorite fonts, “Sans Serif.” Or like “Sans Sleep”—that’s Versa-speak for “without” sleep. We’d go without sleep any day to energize your business. Does your website need a boost? How about a double-shot of hot, new layouts and Hi-Res visuals. Wish you were first in line? We’ll create a mobile-friendly site that gets you there sooner. Want to make a good impression? Our social media strategies will connect you with tech-savvy fans and followers who crave exclusive content. What does Versa stand for? A creative team that’s amped with Versatility.


Mary Shekari Mary Shekari
Mary Shekari
Founder & Principal
Eddie Shekari Eddie Shekari
Eddie Shekari
President & CEO
Annette Elizalde Annette Elizalde
Annette Elizalde
Senior Graphic Designer
Celina Paquette Celina Paquette
Celina Paquette
Senior Copywriter
Crystal Sim Crystal Sim
Crystal Sim
Senior Graphic Designer
Daniela Valbuena Daniela Valbuena
Daniela Valbuena
Design Director
Farid Jameson Farid Jameson
Farid Jameson
Lead Web Developer
Greg Jackson Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson
Graphic Designer
Jamie Lim Jamie Lim
Jamie Lim
Account Manager
Katherine Asimakopoulos Katherine Asimakopoulos
Katherine Asimakopoulos
Graphic Designer
Kelli Krenek Kelli Krenek
Kelli Krenek
Kirsten Squires Kirsten Squires
Kirsten Squires
Lead Copywriter
krista kesseler krista kesseler
Krista Kesseler
Account Manager
Matt Hosseini Matt Hosseini
Matt Hosseini
SEO & SEM Specialist
Mehdi Amiry Mehdi Amiry
Mehdi Amiry
SEO & SEM Specialist
Nathan Talghani Nathan Talghani
Nathan Talghani
SEM Specialist
pooja bonde pooja bonde
Pooja Bonde
Web Developer
Tianwei Yu Tianwei Yu
Tianwei Yu
Associate Design Director
Velina Kara Velina Kara
Velina Kara
Account Executive
Yvette Ayala

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